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On Christmas Eve


How swiftly the years fly!

So many Twenty Fourths gone by–

So we remember back in time,

Listen and smile by firelight

As little footsteps scurry past…

The children never sleep this night.

Outside the snow has fallen deep,

The stars are bright, the wind is harsh

Yet hands are warm to clasp and hold

Here there is no room for cold.



Fast forward time to some years past;

And watch our baby grandson play

Then pause a while and look again

There are three toddlers round the tree!



Some gentle shadows whisper names

They are gone, but love remains.

Our family grows  and we grow old,

Life’s a river that carries all;

But our room is warm, the stars are bright

And we still hold hands by the fire light.



And soon a new tomorrow comes,

With talk and laughter, fun and food

All that is wanted, all that is good,

All that is needed by the heart.

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